Friday, May 1, 2009

Chippy's Back!

I was delighted to see the return of my little friends this past week. Chippy East and Chippy West are both back and ready for peanuts.

They have a water dispenser for when the weather gets hotter and drier.

I was about to get rid of this strawberry pot because I can never successfully grow anything in it. But then I thought it'd be perfect for peanuts.

And sure enough it is! I call it my "Chippy Dive-In."


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Love Chippy Dive-in!! Great idea.

Jenn And The City said...

I want one of those stawberry planters for actual strawberries - but I can't even find one!

Marcia said...

I have one on the back deck and I can't grow anything in it either. Since our chippies don't come near beacuse of the killer poodles, it's available! I can give it to you to bring up for the chippies (a competing drive in... there goes the neighbourhood) or for Jenn (and the City)

xxoo Sis

angella said...

ROFL on the "dive in". made me giggle outloud!

my DH says if he had to be an animal, it'd be a chipmunk- " 'cause they're adorable, quirky, and unobtrusive". then i say "ya, but they get themselves in mischief and have to quietly get themselves in trouble, cutely" which is him, too :)

Susan Williamson said...

I remember Chippy from last year so it's good to see him/her back. But then he/she would be crazy to leave when there's the Chippy Drive In to make things fun!


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