Monday, May 25, 2009


Living in my parents' home, I've inherited their garden and what my mother referred to as her "black thumb." Although she never prided herself as a great gardener, there are remnants of her touch. A few of her scarlet tulips still bloom each year although this photo doesn't do them justice and was shot on their decline.

And Mom especially loved her flowering Japanese crab tree. When it's in full bloom, the air around the house has a delightful scent.

One year my mother pickled the tiny crab apples that appeared in September and as I recall, they were lovely.

My friend Peter bought me an "iris garden" for my birthday several years ago. In a lovely tin container there were a variety of iris bulbs, gardening gloves, trowels and claws and other fun gardening items.

This white iris is one that was part of my birthday gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving...


Marcia said...

I seem to recall that Mum's "black thumb" still yielded beautiful results, both on Wolseley and at the farm! Remeber the mock orange bushes and the lilacs? Those were her favourites!

Ronna said...

And the mini roses in our back yard!

Susan Williamson said...

What a wonderful post! After I wrote my blog, I checked yours and it was great to see the irises and that amazing crab tree. How lucky you are to have inherited such a beautiful garden and then added your own special touch.


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