Monday, May 4, 2009

Let the Games Begin

Saturday began the season of yard sales! Our first was one in Hawkesbury where the proceeds were going to the Feral Cat Society of Hawkesbury, a wonderful group that neuters, vaccinates and then returns the cats back to their wild homes. That way the numbers are kept level and they still get to live healthy lives.

Here's Richard in deep discussion with the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Jeanne Charlebois.

And here are some of the wares available for purchase. There were a bunch of great CDs for sale. I got a Rufus Wainright, Jack Johnson and Chicago. Also available were a ton of classical CDs, Diana Krall, more jazz and other stuff. The yard sale season is the best season of the year!


Why Oxbow? said...

Was the mayor on the record, Reechar?

Newsman said...

I think we were discussing the resale value of used CDs in today's uncertain economy, or the latest scandal at town hall.


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