Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tim Horton's

My favourite fast food joint is Tim Horton's, a donut shop that's ubiquitous in Canada and parts of the northern USA. They're absolutely everywhere and frankly, it's hard to avoid stopping in for a quick coffee and maybe even a donut.

I dropped by my local Timmy's and here's what I saw parked close to the front door. And all this time I thought I was their biggest fan!


Sandra Willard said...

You have NO idea how much my American husband loves Tim Hortons. He's practically obsessed with it whenever we visit BC to see my folks. He would have lunch and dinner there everyday if I let him!

I will have to show him this pic to make him jealous. mwahaha ;)

Why Oxbow? said...

Wow, I had no idea Pennsylvania and Ohio have so many Tim's! And the web page has two very valuable features: a trip planner so one can plan one's trip from Tim's to Tim's, and a nutrition calculator. Boy, you can sure cut calories by choosing Timbits! But watch out fior that sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich--the resulting calorie coma will cause you to run right off the road!

Ronna said...

A Tim planner. Who knew? When Richard and I drove up to Northen Ontario you really didn't need an official planner. Every, single little town had a Timmys!!


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