Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Morel of the Story

Around here late spring is the time to start looking for morels, my favourite mushroom in the whole world.

This year has been the best in all my years of picking this wild mushroom.

They're easy to find, almost looking like light bulbs on the forest floor.

And just look at the size of them. On normal years these guys are about half this size.

I'm looking pretty happy with my almost-full brown paper grocery bag.

In no time we had picked over seven pounds of mushrooms.

So that meant morels and scrambled eggs for breakfast...

...morel pizza for lunch...

...and a side of fried morels and butter with our steak at supper.

Here's the first batch out of the dehydrator which will be terrific used in a risotto or cream of mushroom soup later on this year. Hmmm...I might just head back out this afternoon and see if I can find just a few more.


Anonymous said...

Your favourite? You've obviously never run into Psilocybe...

marlana said...

Ronna, read my blog! We also hit a gold mine of huge morels this year, but your harvest is totally off the charts. You're covered for 2009.


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