Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Year Book Yourself

I found a crazy site called Year Book Yourself, where you can see what you'd look like in high school yearbooks over the years. Here I am in 1960.

And here's what I'd look like in 1962.

Hello gorgeous in 1966.

I have to say this is kind of what I looked like in 1978. My high school grad pic was shot in 1977 and I had a 'fro but not as big as this one!

I finally have 80s Farrah hair!

Looking pretty cool in 1996? Except my face is too big for my hair!

Here's me dreaming of graduating high school in 2000. Ha!


Marcia said...

You were much cuter than that when you graduated high school.. and you still are! xxoo Sis

Knatolee said...

I'm kinda fond of the fro, and I'm sure you sis is right that your real fro looked way cuter. But I gotta say, you channel Babs well.

Avoid the 80s at all costs!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I already have pics of me circa 1960-1965, junior high through high school, so I know what that looked like! And I have to say that I had the opposite of the usual "beehive" and flipped hairdos of the day--I had short, straight blonde hair that pre-dated Twiggy's by about five years!

Billy Banana said...

You graduated high school?


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