Monday, December 28, 2009

Icy Days

The last two days have been encrusted in ice.

Many trees suffered from the extra weight on their limbs.

I lost a nice tree and wonder about the many more at the back of the property. It's still too icy to head back and check up on them.

Richard tried to get some of the ice off the birch tree in front of the house.

I guess they'll be no mail delivery for a bit.

Power came back on after a few hours of darkness.

Driving was treacherous but there was plenty of salt on the roads.

Just as long as you kept below the speed limit.


Marcia said...

Brrrrr... reminds me of the old days in Montreal. Remember the window in the bedroom completely covered in frost?

goldenbird said...

Oh my, I feel a chill just looking at those pictures. The ice is beautiful. Stay safe and warm.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Wow, you guys really got hit with the ice. As Sunday rolled around here, it was more spring-like than icy. Good call canceling the trade on Saturday.

Knatolee said...

Man, you definitely got hit worse than us!! Love the photos though.


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