Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ice Cream Variations

On our Florida vacation, we checked out some ice cream.

This fellow was serving up some of the stuff on our cruise to the Bahamas.

Truth be told, the cones were tastier than the ice cream.

When we visited Disney's Universal Studios City Walk in Orlando, I wondered what Dippin' Dots were.

The fellow gave me a sample. They're actually little frozen dots of ice cream...

...which are very, very sweet. I thought they were pretty yucky so I didn't buy a concoction made with them.

At Disney's Epcot, I noticed that even their ice cream had Micky Mouse ears.

The best ice cream on our vacation was this frozen heaven served at The Dairy Belle in Dania Beach, Florida (just south of Ft. Lauderdale). Yum-o!


Elisabeth said...

they have dippy dots at La Ronde in Montreal.
I tasted them with my niece 2 years ago.
Very cool.

Francine in IL said...

Next time: soft serve dipped in chocolate. The best!

Sarah said...

The photo of the frozen banana at Disney is my fave! ;)

Knatolee said...

The dippy dots sounded good until you actually described them. I can't stand ├╝ber-sweet!! But I'm with Sarah. That frozen banana treat is hilariously obscene (but I'm sure the photographer tried to make it otherwise!!) Or maybe that's just my mind...

Jack D'Mestiere said...

Wait, didn't the Dairy Belle have the poutine, too?


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