Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Timmy's is Feeling Festive

Tim Horton's donut shop is feeling festive and this month features a chocolate donut that has icing embedded with crushed candy canes.

Just the thing with a cup of coffee to warm you up on a snowy day. Check out the steam from my coffee on the windshield.


Mel said...

I haven't had any Tim Hortons now in 3 1/2 years! I miss the coffee SO much, and I could really go for a donut too. This looks DELISH! :D

Ronna said...

Being a big fan of mint chip ice cream, it WAS delish!

Lisa PN said...

One of the reasons i love your blog so much is because you really welcome us into your world, and you show us donuts!! As someone who grew up in brampton, I can attest to the joy of a good donut. So thanks for sharing your donuts, poutine, food, nature and art with us. It's wonderful!


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