Monday, December 21, 2009

First Winter Walk

Yesterday was bright and beautiful and was the perfect time to take a walk in the woods.

We came upon the remnants of poison parsnip plants. I couldn't believe how tall they were.

There were deer prints everywhere, especially on the frozen stream that runs through the property.

In the pine and spruce plantation, we came across several deer beds.

Richard was going to try this one out for size I think.

We came in and had a pot of tea to warm up. I shared my cup with my most senior cat, Domino. At 19-years of age, she likes a cup of tea with milk in the afternoon.
Hey today's the first day of winter. So...happy winter!


Knatolee said...

I see we were both out tromping around the pine and spruce woods yesterday! '

Love that shot of Domino. SHe's a great kitty!

Marcia said...

Looks like you worked off all those poutine latkes!
xxoo Sis


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