Friday, December 4, 2009

Parsley Under Glass

Around here this time of year, we're usually in the midst of a winter wonderland. On Monday we had a light dusting of snow which has already melted.

The winters are just too severe for the rosemary to make it to next spring, so I cut it to dry it.

Meanwhile my parsley is happy under its bell jar.

The bell jar keeps it from getting frozen too solid...even if there's some snow, the parsley still keeps nice and green. But by the time it gets to -10C or so, it usually dies off.

Until then, it's hard to believe that in December I'm still eating fresh herbs out of my garden.


Addison Dewitt said...

"Is it a bell... is it a jar?"

Knatolee said...

MMmmmmm! I know what I"m doing with my hens' eggs tomorrow. Except I lack the parsley!

Jack D'Mestiere said...

It's a bell and a jar...


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