Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to the Future

When Richard and I were at Epcot in Orlando, Florida, we went on a ride to take us into the future.

I guess as we entered, they snapped our photos so as we travelled along in our little car, our images were also projected onto the screen in our unit.

Here's what we'd look like flying our own little spaceship.

And here we are with our future dog. Hey wait a minute! Where are the future cats? (Well, at least in the future I'll have really skinny legs!!)

Hellloooo out there! Fun or what?


Marcia said...

Meet Richard Jetson
His gal Ronna
(come on, everyone, join in!)

Elisabeth said...

I am thinking.....this would make a great card!
Love the Jetson theme!

Knatolee said...

You two are so space-age! And I'm with Elisabeth: trading card!


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