Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the Road

I delivered the mail on Friday so our regular delivery gal could have a day off and go Christmas shopping. We've only had one snowstorm so far so you could still see corn stubble in the fields.

I'd never done the route in winter before.

I was lucky because it was clear and cold and no snowstorms in sight.

But it was exceptionally windy and the snow blew over the road and looked a bit like dry ice.

Kind of pretty, eh?

My "ergonomic helper" had long arms that day as many times, because of snow banks, I couldn't get in close enough to the mailboxes.

I loved the mixed fonts and lettering on this list of folks who live here.


Addison Dewitt said...

You country people...

Marcia said...

Neither sleet nor snow nor whatever else you have there

Can keep the mail (and Ronna) from getting through.

ANGiE said...

ive seen this before while i was traveling with my fam last winter! btw i live in ontario too. unfortunately i live in toronto not that i dont love the urban sprwal but i do enjoy the country :)
anywho dont you love the snow covered feilds?


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