Thursday, July 5, 2012

Working Cat

I've always loved a cat with a job. This one, Spooky, greeted me as I was about to post a letter. Sweet!


Knatolee said...

Love those black kitties!

Deb said...

I think every business should have a cat. (oh..I can just see the comments from those allergic) but anyhoo...I, too,love to find a cat greeter. We had one in our local stationary store for years. A big, buff coloured persian named Buff. Almonte has an antique shop with a store cat named Eric who bites. He just sits in the window and waits to hear the speal (sp) from the owner about not being a great idea to try to pet Eric as he's got some catitude. Hilarious! There is also a note posted on the door as big as all outdoors. "Don't Pet Eric"

Elisabeth said...

Love working (!) cats!
There was once one at the Stage bookstore in Montreal who love to sits amongst the stacks. You would never know where he would turn up.

Evlyn said...

Did he lick the stamp for your letter? Or cancel it with his teeth? Or just take it from you and put it in the mailbag? I was having fun just thinking about what kind of work a cat would do in the post office.

David said...

Cute! Maybe Spooky can fill in for me the rest of the week?


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