Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rain Barrel Adventures

 A neighbour gave me an extra rain barrel she had so Richard swung into action.

He found some old eavestroughing and attached it to the shed roof. The shed is close to the garden, so the rain barrel's water will be easy to use.

I covered it with mesh so that little critters who might be crawling up the sides of the shed, wouldn't fall in and drown. And then it poured rain that night. Cats and dogs!

The next morningI ran out to see what I anticipated to be, my full or half-full barrel. Oops. Guess we'll have to revisit our eavestroughing. Another ongoing summer project.


Elisabeth said...

Perhaps the water is not getting all the way down the eavestrough. That would explain why your nasturtiums are so healthy!
Good initiative on your part. Save the water!

Evlyn said...

Great idea. I hope we get some real rain this summer (let's hope soon) so you can see if it works then.


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