Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day Weekend

 We had a very Canadian weekend on Canada Day. An Adirondack chair made of hockey sticks.

 Time spent on a fresh water lake in cottage country.

 Time sitting in the hot sun drinking beer.

 Views of gorgeous trees and the lake from inside a cottage.

 Visiting outside in the setting sun.

 Travelling by boat to get to a supper invitation.

 Montreal bagels en plein air.

 Jumping in the lake and staying there for the better part of the afternoon.

 A piper arriving from the other side of the lake playing O Canada.

The same piper as he left at the end of the day playing a bit of Canadian rock 'n' roll.
A wonderful and memorable Canada Day weekend fer sure!


Claire said...

What a wonderful weekend Ronna......beautiful place you stayed at and how cool is that chair?

Bet it was hard to leave and head home again.......

Claire :}

Jenny said...

Most of us can remember being at a lake - swimming,eating, boating,etc. but a PIPER? Lots of fun.

Evlyn said...

How very, very Canadian. Brings back all kinds of memories for me of spending time on the lake as a kid. Love the pic of you and Richard in the boat, looking windblown and carefree.

Knatolee said...

What a perfect way to spend a long weekend!

Amber McQueen said...

This July 1st marks 151th Canada day. It is an occasion when one hundred and fifty-one years ago Canada got freedom from British Empire, earlier it was a colony of Britain. It is celebrated with great zeal and passion every year. In 1867, July the first, Canada became a federation of four colonies, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, and it became a self-governing Dominion of Great Britain.


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