Monday, July 9, 2012

Cliff Swallows

Yes, this really is a blog post about birds. But first, I'll show you the speed boats we went to see at the Poker Run on the Ottawa River on Saturday.

I'm really not a fan of loud speed boats flying by. But when the got to the Long Sault Bridge between Hawkesbury, Ont. and Grenville, Que., I noticed something under the bridge.

Under the lip of the bridge were tons of swallows. Cliff Swallows

Cliff swallows live in colonies and make jug-like nests out of mud.

I was lucky enough to be there as Mom was feeding one of her babies.

Is that cool or what?

Their little condos are works of art. One book I have says that the nests are built by building up tiny pellets made of mud. A typical nest takes 900-1200 pellets. Now that's devotion -- and great architecture too!

As I was pointing upwards with the camera, this poor misbegotten gull was hanging around me with a look of "What am I, chopped liver?" I had to take his photo too!


Jenny said...

That's great that the swallows are using the bridge as a "cliff". It is amazing how they make their nests.

Evlyn said...

I really like the fact that you start by talking about those ugly, awful speedboats (I am not a fan either) and segues into observations of beautiful birds and their homes. Cliff swallows really are remarkable birds. Great pictures!


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