Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wild Weather

The drive home from work yesterday was hellish. I had my four-way flashers on for most of the way. The rain and the wind were wild. Once I got home, I figured I'd better see what was what. Seems my big maple in the back lost a branch.

I was eagerly anticipating a full or half-full rain barrel. No go! Apparently it got blown over (even though we had been testing the eavestroughing the day before so the barrel had some water in it.) The eaves didn't fare so well either.

And this is the oddest thing of all. I have a lovely patch, about 6' x 6' of moss growing beside the front door. The wind pick it up and started to roll it over. (The brown you see is the underside of the moss patch.) How strange is that?


Evlyn said...

Looks like you really got hit. Glad you are safe - that is the most important thing. Weird about the moss!

Knatolee said...

That moss thing is so freaky!

David said...

Weird! Love that moss patch though. We had a huge wind storm today that ripped apart my tomato plants. Glad you made it home safely in all that mess!


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