Friday, July 27, 2012

Truffles Burger Bar

Truffles Burger Bar is located in beautiful downtown Cornwall, about 45 minutes away.

They have a huge selection of burgers, everything from kangaroo to alligator to one that has truffles and sells for $100. Crazy! This one was lamb burger and not nearly so dear.

 Sides of sweet potato fries with a big selection of flavoured mayos for dipping. I chose basil.

 Other choices included their special which was a boar burger with a side of poutine.

 The chicken burger sure looked good.

And in case burgers aren't your thing, they can serve up a few ribs. Yum!

Truffles Burger Bar, 155 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON K6J 3P5
Tel. 613-933-9112

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Knatolee said...

THanks for a great night out! yum yum!


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