Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Small Voice

There's a lovely maple tree on the edge of our county road that was threatened a while back.

Not from any imported insect but from our road's people who said the tree was a "potential threat."

Seems that this maple had a few branches that "could fall onto the county road." Many stately trees were cut down all over the county. Not trimmed. Cut.

I called the road's people and told them that I didn't think it needed to be cut down, this 100-year-old (or more) maple.

And so, they didn't cut it down. I asked the boss to paint the red 'x' out so that the cutting crew didn't make a mistake. How would they know that it was to be saved from the axe? And the next day the red 'x' was brown and this lovely maple still stands. One phone call and a tree was saved. I've got the power!


Knatolee said...

I'm glad you saved that tree. The policy is idiotic!!!!!

Deb said...

At last someone listens to a tax payer. Good for you!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Way to go Ronna!! My grandfather would be proud. He was a tree surgeon.

Elisabeth said...

You go, girl!

Evlyn said...

This is a wonderful story because many of us have had to fight to save trees from being cut (I recently had a similar fight with Ontario Hydro) and it helps to hear that the fight can be won. Stand up for trees!

Linda Starr said...

So good to hear this Ronna and that your road crew listened. I once wrote a lengthy letter about an over 300 year old live oak when we lived in Northern California and many others did too, but they cut it down anyway. I felt like chaining myself to that tree it was huge and had a perfectly round canopy and well - you know. Trees are loved, trees are missed when they are gone.

Dave said...

Good for you, Ronna! That stupid roads department policy has not only been responsible for the disappearance of so many trees, it has helped turned the landscape along so many local roads into barren wastelands. For a township that is always talking up tourism, they don't seem to comprehend what it is people really want to see when they go for a drive in the country. It ain't tree stumps, that's for sure.


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