Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me and the Merlin

At my lunch hour from work, I decided to do groceries. Walking around the carts outside the store was this merlin. It was so strange.

At first he was walking around but the fellow working at the store, Robert, was bringing all the carts back and scared the bird away. But not too far. He flew up and hung out on a light on the side of the building and just sat there looking around.

I called Robert over and I wondered aloud about why the bird was there. Robert said, "I think I know why."

Turns out Robert had moments before found a dead sparrow sitting on top of the garbarge pail and had thrown it into the can. I asked him to dig it out.

Robert threw the little bird on the ground near where the merlin was sitting and the sparrow hardly hit the ground when the merlin flew off, grabbed it and settled on the far end of the building.

He made quick work of that dead sparrow. We're not sure how it got there to start off with. Perhaps the merlin had driven it into the building and it died by hitting the wall? I'm not sure.

But feathers flew that afternoon. I had a quick lunch that day and so did my new friend, the merlin.


Deb said...

Well, it's sad for the sparrow but you somehow made this post funny. Great photos. We all have to eat!

Evlyn said...

If it was a house sparrow, good riddance. Merlins are beautiful birds, as your wonderful photos show, but house sparrows are a nuisance. Love this episode of "Ronna's adventures with birds".

Knatolee said...

Wow, Ronna, so glad you had your camera, and made the connection between merlin and sparrow!!! Beautiful photos.

Newsman said...

Great shots!
When that bird travels it must have a lot of carrion baggage!

Jack D'Mestiere said...

Newshawk! Fabulous pun! You have a magical way with language--maybe you are Merlin!

Knatolee said...

Good one, Ricardo!


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