Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Donuts Donuts Everywhere

At work our monthly production meetings mean one thing: lots of donuts. When was the last time you bought a dozen donuts? I don't think we have since I lived in Montreal in the '80s.

Before anyone in the gang could grab their favourite, I snapped some photos. The colours and reflections on these babies make me want to draw them.

Meanwhile, while I'm not particularly an Ottawa Senators fan, I do watch them from time-to-time. I'm really a Montreal Canadiens fan but when our local Tim Horton's had a special on Sens donuts...and I was delivering the mail on a cold sunny day a few weeks back, it sure hit the spot with a hot coffee. Imagine. I used to have to draw logos with icing back in the day. Now you can buy edible logos. Hmm.


Knatolee said...

Wow, Sens doughnuts, who knew?

Elisabeth said...

Drawing donuts... like one of my favorite painters Wayne Thibaud.
I see it now!

Jennifer said...

Those look so good....I didn't know they had edible logo's? you learn something new everyday...take care, Jennifer


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