Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yee Mei Fong Bakery

We visited my Aunt Minnie in Flushing, NY and on our way to her apartment, thought we'd pick up a cake. We stopped at Yee Mei Fong Bakery just across the street from the subway.

Much of her area is now Korean and this bakery was so much fun. Check out these colourful sandwiches. At least I think they were sandwiches.

The cakes had both delicious and odd-looking decorations. Nice fruit and strange buttercream squiggles.

This one was really pretty with blackberries and -- is that melon?

I have no idea what the iced drawing on this cake is supposed to represent. Besides that, there are buttercream roses, fruit, a plastic happy birthday sign and an animal's head (mouse? elephant?) made out of plastic or marzipan. Not sure.

There were many displays of many more cakes. We bought a tiramisu one and it was yummy.

Here are pots of what might be mini-tiramisus.

Lovely looking fruit and custard thingies.

And even more. Not sure what was under the fruit but it looks really nice.

These are odd looking pastries. And they must be popular because there sure are a lot of them.

Here are some pink ones. Thy say they are strawberry mocha. Hmmm.

Now don't you just love the puffer fish cake? I've never seen one in a bakery before.

Or a pig cake. "Happy birthday to my favourite pig?" Or maybe a pig is a good luck symbol?


Elisabeth said...

LOVE the puffer fish cake!
All this amazing eye candy for free. You gotta love New York!

Marcia said...

And the cake we bought Aunt Min was absolutely delicious! It was a fun trip - we also saw our dear cousins Jeff, Barb, David and Sarah, who came in from Long Island to join us for an early breakfast. It was a fabulous idea, Ronna!


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