Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sacred Grounds

While in Chicago, we stopped at Macy's Watertower on the Magnificent Mile. Upstairs in their food court, we came across Sacred Grounds and stopped for a while. The cakes looked delicious.

I liked how they were simply displayed.

I'd never heard of fruit paté before.

Loved the variety of stuff this place had.

This just looks plain delicious.

These are the most elegant of strawberries, n'est-pas?

You can't go wrong with key lime tarts...

...or crispy squares with peanut butter and chocolate.

But these little darlings just blew me away. I didn't have the nerve to order one. Now I wish I had. Jello art. Who knew?


Elisabeth said...

Just sublime. I would have gone for the key lime pie and framed the jello Art!

(PS. It is not fruit paté, but fruit paste...sorry)

Knatolee said...

It's all too delicious! I love hamentaschen. Gordon wants the key lime tart. But the Jell-o art is so fantastic!!


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