Monday, June 21, 2010

Hawks Everywhere!

The Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks figured prominently in downtown Chicago last week... office buildings...

...I wonder if Mies Van Der Rohe was a fan?

The backdrop of the Blues Fest had a Hawks logo overlooking it, lit up from windows in an office building in the distance.

Looks like even the folks at the opera were fans.

Imagine having your wedding photos shot in the middle of Michigan Avenue with Captain Jonathan Toews watching over you.

And me? Next year's rookie on the fourth line I think.

Go Hawks go!


Anonymous said...

Chicago looks good in Red and Black! You look good too! Love you.

David said...

Hawks stuff was everywhere! The funniest one I saw was at the Field Museum. A statue way up high in the Museum lobby was wearing a Hawks jersey. I think I have a picture somewhere. Funny stuff.


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