Monday, June 7, 2010

Photographer's Cat

While in New York City, I noticed this lovely working cat at the front door of a photographer's studio.

When I happened by later on, the critter had moved to a higher spot amongst the topiary. Cute.


Why Oxbow? said...

OK, Rouge, you have to explain to me the difference between a "working cat" and a "cat who happens to be at work." It doesn't look to me like this cat is doing a damn thing different than my cats who are house cats. Isn't it demeaning to cats who choose to work at home? They sleep just as hard as those "working cats..."

Ronna said...

I figure that these cats catch mice for their living...but maybe I'm wrong and all they do is sleep. Hmmm.

Knatolee said...

Who knew there were so many working cats in the world!? Thank you for giving them the credit they so richly deserve.


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