Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Architectural Boat Tour

On the recommendation of my cousin Saul, Richard and I took the Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago.

I loved how up close and personal the tour enabled you to get. And I loved the bridges that went up to allow sailboats through.

It was a foggy day which made the building look a little dreamlike.

The docent who led the tour talked for an hour and a half enthusiastically about the history of all the architecture of Chicago. She talked about the importance of clock towers...

...and this lovely, curvy blueish building...

...and the opera house.

I just loved the reflections of the other buildings in this one.

This was my amongst my faves. A pair of round buildings with round parking spots at the bottom.

Really fun tour.


Knatolee said...

I am really enjoying the virtual tour of Chicago! And that last photo of you and R is great, although I would like to Photoshop out the squinting person behind ! :)

David said...

I've seen this tour on TV but I haven't actually taken it. I have some family coming to Chicago next week and they want to do this. I can't wait!

David said...

...great shots by the way. :)


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