Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For the Birds

The Phoebe nest in the barn has a vacancy sign on it. These little guys fledged a few days ago and now it's pretty quiet out back -- their mama is no longer yelling at them, urging them to get going.

Meanwhile, there are bigger things flying around in Mississauga.

My friend Ron sent me these amazing photos taken from his office.

The windows have reflective glass so the Red-Tailed Hawks can't see you on the other side.

Amazing to be so close to these regal birds. Thanks for the photos Ron!


Susan Williamson said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures Ronna. The interesting thing is we tend to think that an office is a sterile environment, but Mother Nature will have her way. Very cool.

Knatolee said...

WHat fantastic shots of the hawk!!! And I love phoebes. We had them in our barn this year too.

Stacy said...

Wow, those are awesome pictures of the red-tailed hawk! Incredible.


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