Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Things: Strawberry

I found this "big thing" in Lancaster, Ontario about a half hour from my house. This giant strawberry is in need of a new paint job. But it does makes a good companion with the giant blueberry I saw in Oxford, Nova Scotia some years back. Now all I need is a giant raspberry and I'll have one, big fruit salad.


Knatolee said...

Hey,I know that strawberry, and I know the Oxford blueberry too! I have a book called "Canada's Gigantic" that is full of photos of oversized things across Canada. When we drove across the country, we took the book with us!

I hope you bought some strawberries!

frannie said...

There's another equally decrepit strawberry at the other end of Pleasant Corner Rd. Come check it out...drop in and see our kittens too!


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