Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuxedo Cat

I saw this unusual tuxedo cat the other day and had to photograph him. Often, like my cat Domino, the black markings are like delicate masks. This little guy had a full balaclava!

As I followed him, he ran over to his front step and sat down. Great background for a farm cat. Worth drawing perhaps.

By then the cat had had enough shenanigans from me acting as cat paparazzi and gave me "the look." I knew it was time to withdraw.


Deb said...

Nice shots. Love this guy's markings. Last night I was out without a camera and missed a beauty. Won't happen again.

Elisabeth said...

HAHAHAHA. Love the "look".
Been the recipient of it too! Yep. time to withdraw!

Lauren from MA said...

Yes, draw please!

David said...

Cat paparazzi! Haha. That made me laugh. This could be a new career for you.


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