Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Day at the Williamstown Fair

On Saturday we headed to the Williamstown Fair for its 200th birthday, Canada's oldest fair. We started off in the Rare Breeds tent. Nice sleeping piggy.

 And another sleeping piggy with very large feet.

A rare white turkey.

 And some happy ducks.

 We took in part of the dairy show.

 Some beautiful cows.

 And seeing them all lined up was pretty impressive.

 There were a couple of long horned critters brought in from Upper Canada Village.

Meanwhile on the other end of the fair, there was cotton candy...
 ...and rides...
 ...and games of chance...

...all taking place while there was a horse show going on. For me, going to the fair is like taking a step back in time. It could have been the 1940s or '50s! I just loved it. a bakery booth, Nun's Farts were for sale! How'd you like dem apples?


Jenny said...

Williamstown Fair is always a great outing. There is something for every taste. I love seeing the cows all spiffed up, watching the horses, and having a snack under the big trees.

Evlyn said...

It really does have the feeling of stepping back in time. Just looking at your pics brought back childhood memories of fall fairs. I especially love the pic of the booth with the "game of chance" - what psychedelic colours!


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