Friday, August 17, 2012

En Plein Air

 This week, a bunch of us decided to get together to draw and paint outside.

 Holly had suggested a spot in Cornwall on the St. Lawrence River.

 With a babbling brook and plenty of shade on a hot day, it seemed we were miles away from a busy city.

Half the group, which I never managed to photograph, stayed by the picnic table where we had lunch and watched this flock of ducks.

This fellow decided that we must have a good tidbit to toss to him, but alas, we kept drawing and he waddled away with no prize from us gals.


Knatolee said...

And you three even produced nice work, unlike me! :) Love those duckies.

"Half the group... stayed by the picnic table"...yes, the lazy-ass gossipy half. Hahahaha!

Evlyn said...

What an idyllic setting to draw and paint. Lovely pics of Holly, Flip and Fran. And I agree with Natalie - nice ducks!


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