Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet Dog

The weather was a lot cooler this past week so I wasn't too alarmed by this dog in the car. But I figured I'd hang out a bit and make sure he was okay.

He didn't bark and seemed to like listening to me. In a few moments his owner came by and he told me all about how happy this dog was. Sweet fellow. Love his face!


Knatolee said...

What a cutie! Glad you kept an eye on him!

Deb said...

It's getting hotter so time to watch out for them again. Sweet fella.

Evlyn said...

He seems okay with his nose out the window like that. What a sweet guy.

Razzberry Corner said...

That is so cute!

PS - I hate proving I'm not a robot. I have the hardest time reading these things. Most of the time I think I'm typing the wrong characters, but it accepts them anyway.


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