Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Butternut

A butternut must have fallen under one of the boards on the way into the barn. It was positively identified by a butternut expert from the Rideau Valley Conservation Area.

We decided to transplant it. We were advised that if it was under 3 years old it wouldn't have a tap root and would be easy to move. I thought it was 1-2 years old...and I guess I was right.

 We moved it to a nice spot.

 Richard dug a hole.

And we planted it. Sure hope it grows!


Knatolee said...

Good luck baby butternut!

Elisabeth said...

Good luck little butternut!

Evlyn said...

How lucky to find this butternut and be able to transplant it. Hope it flourishes - they are lovely trees.

Deb said...

Just talk to it. It will grow.


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