Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleeping and Peeking

I put together two old footstools of varying height to serve as a sort of mini-staircase for Nutmeg who has been having trouble climbing into bed lately. Today I noticed that she's also using them as a perfect spot to catch a few rays.

 Meanwhile, outside the bedroom window I noticed an eye peeking out at me.

A baby red squirrel was playing and eating in the cedars. The cats were interested him for a few moments but soon after, retired for a nap.


Linda Starr said...

Ha, how funny the squirrel peaking out, keeps it interesting for the cats, my cats are now fascinated with the lizards climbing up the window screens.

Deb said...

She's probably secretly been wanting bunk beds all along. Cute squirrel. Audrey would have been hanging upside down on the screen in a second. Hugs

Evlyn said...

What a beautiful photo of Nutmeg. It is like a visual metaphor of a quiet sleepy afternoon.


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