Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Butterfly Days

There seem to be more butterflies than usual this year. And they seem to be here earlier too.

 Yesterday I saw my first monarch and then a eastern tiger swallowtail on my lilacs.

I just love the quality of the light in these photos. They scream spring!

More butterflies. Over at Natalie's house, I happened upon a black swallowtail. It's already been an amazing year for butterflies and it's still early.
A few days ago I posted about not knowing which butterflies were which and my brother-in-law John sent me this website. Check it out! Worth re-posting: http://littlebrownjobbies.blogspot.ca/2011/02/butterflies-of-southern-ontario.html


Knatolee said...

These are beautiful! ANd I noticed that black swallowtail flapping around the yard. You got a fabulous photo!

Jenny said...

The light is gorgeous in the lilac photos. I read somewhere that there are more butterflies this year and that they are arriving earlier. Let's hope it's a new trend.

Evlyn said...

It is great that you got to see, and photograph, Swallowtails. I am envious because I haven't seen any yet. What beautiful pics.

John Gray said...

knat sent me over to look at your last sep blog entry on Andrew Wyeth
loved it
greetings from wales

David said...

Beautiful photos!


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