Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cat at the Country Depot

 This lovely tabby works at the local Country Depot shop. They sell seeds...

 ... and cat food, dog food and horse food too, likely.

 He's very friendly, greeting everyone who comes through the door.

Unfortunately, he's up for adoption because although he likes people, he doesn't like Bootsy, the cat who first lived and worked at the shop.

The owners of the shop are wonderful people who go out of their way to feed and save homeless cats. My kinda people!


Elisabeth said...

He has the eyes of an old soul.

Evlyn said...

What a great looking cat - reminds me of a really nice cat I used to have. I hope he is adopted into a good home.

Deb said...

He looks like a worrier. I hope he finds a home full of peace and joy for him.


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