Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Howdy Neighbours

Our tiny town of Dunvegan had a "Come Meet Your Neighbours" event over the weekend. And they asked me to make a cake for the occasion. 

I managed to incorporate the Dunvegan Recreation Association logo plus a few fondant butterflies and ladybugs and buttercream roses and grass.

Here's the executive committee posing with the cake.

I was happy to see the nice tall chocolate swirl in the vanilla cake. The cake didn't last too long!


Deb said...

People must love seeing you walk through the door :)
Looks delish!

Jenny said...

Dunvegan has such community spirit. It's great. So was your cake - very cool butterflies.

Elisabeth said...

Very cool cake.
You are very lucky to live in this wonderful community!
Who did the illustration on the poster?

Evlyn said...

Now that's a cake that would be worth moving to Dunvegan for - so one could be a neighbour and eat some of the cake! So yummy looking.

Knatolee said...


David said...

Another great cake!! :D


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