Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Finally Here

Yes, spring finally arrived this weekend in the Great White North. My first piece of asparagus popped up.

The fiddleheads in the swampy area in the back of my house were ready to be picked (and eaten)!

 My gorgeous primula was in fine form and happily blooming.

This flowering tree was not mine, but seen on a drive by and Richard snapped this pic.

 Richard got busy and turned over parts of the veggie garden...

...followed by a beer and the NY Times crossword puzzle being worked out on the swing. The leaves aren't really out yet but the air was warm, the sun was hot and the days are starting to last forever. I love this season!


Evlyn said...

It really is Spring, finally, isn't it? I agree with you - love this season. And love the picture of Richard on the swing - a perfect finale for a beautiful day.

Susan Williamson said...

Everywhere looks beautiful Ronna. But I'm curious. Did your lilacs bloom this year? Mine haven't, and no sign of it either ...first time in 22 years.

David said...

Love asparagus! And the pic of the dogwood tree is beautiful. Ours bloomed here about a month ago. Also, what are fiddleheads and how do you prepare them?


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