Monday, August 30, 2010

Singing for My Supper

Well singing for my lunch, actually. And not singing -- decorating!
My friend Janet asked me to decorate a cake that she had baked -- and old family recipe -- for a party to celebrate her daughter's burning of the mortgage. Thing is, I only get an hour for lunch!
I brought all my cake supplies in a bag, including icing and some roses I had made the night before. We had a delicious hot lunch and then I swung into action. Thankfully Janet's daughter Karen washed up all my piping bags and tips and I was back to work in time.


Marcia said...

SPEE-DEE Cake Service. We deliver!

amish bed frames said...

It is a very simple cake but it really looks so attractive for me. And I am sure that it tastes so good. I like those flowers. Very unique.


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