Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100 Things to Eat Before You Die #5

Sausages. Grilled. Fried. Sautéed. Whatever. And try a few types: breakfast sausages or Italian sausages, either mild or hot. There's something so fabulous about biting into a crackly skin and tasting that wonderful mixture of meat and spices. Love 'em.


Anonymous said...

yay my sausages! I thought you were talking about the Wood fair sausages!

Knatolee said...

These and bacon, two reasons I'm not a vegetarian!

Newsman said...

So if you combined the puffball with the sausages, you probably would not have to eat again until Thursday.

Addison Dewitt said...

We call that "street meat" here in the BIg Smoke.

Why Oxbow? said...

I think if you hurry you can make it to the 7th Plymouth Alive Kielbasa Festival this weekend!


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