Thursday, August 12, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

Our artist trading card gang met and as usual, the cards were amazing.

There were spiderwebs by Reto...

...and butterflies that seemed to really fly by Suzanne!

Harriet's snakes in the grass were presented for trade in real grass surrounded by a real-looking snake.

Our oldest and most enthusiastic trader, 90-something Perry was putting a few last minute touches on his ATCs.

Fran's elegant watercolours were snapped up quickly... were Evlyn's animal paintings.

Lots of fun summer themes by Flip and Susan D.

All in all another fabulous trade. Can't wait to see what folks come up with next month.


frannie said...

Thanks for the review-the cards went so fast I didn't get to see them all.

Evlyn said...

I echo Fran's comments. Thanks for this Ronna. It helps to get me inspired for the next trade.


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