Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Sister's First Poutine

My sister Marci came to visit my from Ithaca, NY over the weekend. We headed to Alfred, ON (the French fry captial of Eastern Ontario) to try some poutine.

Marci had never had poutine before! It was an exciting moment.

She loved the fries and kinda liked the poutine. This was a good one too from a little place on the main drag called Kennebec.

Crisp fries, curds and gravy. What else could a gal ask for?


Knatolee said...

How did she make it through life for so many years without the love of a good poutine?! And to think she is the sister of the Poutine Queen. I'm glad you've straightened her out, Ronna. ;))

Speaking of which, we need to go check out that Martintown poutine joint.

Marcia said...

Well... It was a wonderful experience! And to have my first taste in the presence of royalty was an added treat. What would I do without my sister?????

Ronna said...

And to have that experience at La Kennebec to boot. Wowza!


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