Friday, March 6, 2009

Three Bakers & a Bike

The other day my friend Peggi and I made a quick trip into Ottawa and landed at a fabulous little spot called Three Bakers and a Bike. With such a terrific name, we just had to go inside.

The shelves and counters were just covered with sweet delicious treats. Cookies, scones and muffins of all sorts...

Peggi was intrigued by the baby pies.

I loved the look of these pop tarts. Best looking pop tarts I've ever seen.

Cupcakes have gained popularity over the years and this place had them in all flavours and sizes.

These mini ones for those who were making an effort to watch their waistline.

Something for everyone at this joint...even specially baked dog biscuits. I give this place two paws up!

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