Monday, March 16, 2009

Art That Keeps Rolling

Richard and I went to a restaurant in Ottawa for a quick bite on the weekend.

Richard pointed to the art and said, "Are those tires?"

Sure enough, on closer inspection the art was indeed made up of painted, woven tires.

Kind of strange...

I asked the waitress and apparently the place was a former car dealership transformed into a restaurant.

As long as they changed the oil for the fries!

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Shelly said...

Funny, funny closing line !!
Tire art . . . never seen that before. Odd but novel and some of the colors are rather pretty.

You have good radar . . . saw the post on the "Friendly Blogger" award before I had a chance to pop over. Very well deserved, you offer so much encouragement and inspiration to artists with ATC Quarterly and bring joy and hunger pains to us with your lively blog !!

Take care,


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