Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going Postal: Scenes from the Road II

Day two from the road. Here's Peggi, my "ergonomic" helper.

Remember that sap they were collecting in yesterday's post? Here is a sugar shack where the sap is being boiled into syrup. The ratio is 40 to 1 so it takes a lot of sap to get that delicious maple syrup.

Some of the more interesting architecture on route: The old MacCrimmon Hall which in its day must have seen dances and meetings but is pretty dormant now.

A lovely old log house that sits right at the road.

The old Skye Schoolhouse is still in fine shape but school hasn't been taught here in years.

And check it out. This road has but one inhabitant. Imagine having your own road?


Newsman said...

Doughnuts and buildings...would that be a form of architectural digest?
You look great in a uniform!

Addison Dewitt said...

Uniforms turn me on.


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