Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carrot Cakes

I did this 8" carrot cake for a shared birthday this week. But since it was for a small crowd, I was asked if I could split the recipe in two and make a cake for the first group...

...followed by another group of ten celebrating the same birthdays but this time with carrot cake cupcakes.


justjen said...

Lovely and delicious!

Why Oxbow? said...

Where were you on December 16? Of course, I can't complain, I have Coffee Crisps!

Could you make a coffee crisp cake? Yum!

Ronna said...

Coffee Crisp cake. Great idea! Next time I see you!

lis said...

hey Ronna mailgirl!
Loved your photo mail blog
and the animals and cakes I missed


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