Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Ol' Ball and Chain

Winter gets a bad rap but for us, it's a time to be out in the woods, cutting it and communing with it too.

For instance, look at this odd couple I noticed while walking in the woods. Old tree and skinny new one entwined together look like strange bedfellows.

And this dry weed that looks like it's covered with mini-shooting stars.

Okay, so your heart does skip a beat when the first signs of spring appear like parsley growing under the snow...

...or the pussy willows that I call "almost pussy willows."

The cats who now spend most of their days perched in the unheated wood shed, catching a few rays.

And with warmer weather check out this snowball the formed from wet snow stuck between my snowshoe and the sole of my boot and then stuck to my shoelace.

Somehow it's a relief not to have to think of frozen pipes and shovelling out after a snowstorm. I guess winter really is the ol' ball and chain, eh?

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