Friday, June 19, 2009

Purple Rain

It seems many of the flowers in my garden are purple. This Siberian iris, after years of neglect (mowed and whipper snipped) has been moved to safety in the middle of my wild garden. This is the first year it has bloomed.

Someone gave me these bearded irises and I kind of threw them in the ground near the drainage ditch. They went nuts this year and are much more prolific than my other irises that run along the fence. I suppose these have much more room to spread out.

These purple lupins are from seeds I bought in Oregon in 2003. The patch grows larger every year and soon I'll have my own little piece of the Pacific Northwest in my own backyard.


Addison Dewitt said...

Where do you live? Giverny?

Knatolee said...

Gorgeous!! I'm glad your Siberian iris has bloomed after all the nastiness that befell it in the past. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Love the lupins. THey were one of my favourite things about living in Nova Scotia!

frannie said...

"Hand over your lupins!"
(from Monty Python)

va loans said...

That is awesome, I remember my grandma had these beauties...


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