Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Full Circle

 My cousin Lizz, who lives in San Francisco, posted this on her Facebook page back in January 2012. She celebrated her birthday with a piece of Mondrian-inspired cake from the Blue Bottle Cafe at the SFMOMA.

I just thought this cake was the cat's meow and I decided I had to try and make it. When was I ever going to get to San Francisco and have a piece?

Since Mondrian's 140th birthday was March 7, 2012, I decided that was the day to try to reproduce this cake. One of my blog's most popular posts ever was my step-by-step Mondrian cake post. It came out okay, but not exactly like the real one!

Flash forward a few months and I get an email from Caitlin Williams Freeman, the cake artist who invented the cake. Someone had pointed out my step-by-step blog and she invited me to visit her if I was ever down that way. And guess what? In late September I was! So...I got to meet her (on my left) along with her head baker Leah Rosenberg (on my right). Oh, and that's my cousin Lizz beside Leah, with her Mondrian bag; she's the reason I saw the Mondrian cake in the first place.

And yes, the cake was fantastic. Even more fantastic to meet the baking gals! Life is so much fun sometimes.


Deb said...

Oh, you are the cake queen..I tell ya.

Sarah said...

Ronna - that is an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it here.

Evlyn said...

What a great story. It is wonderful that the cake makers met. I think Mondrian would have enjoyed this.


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